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Many companies have invested significant resources in developing an Internet presence and would like to link site results to business results. Our tracking and reporting solutions can help determine and monitor the relative value of various intellectual property assets contained on your sites to help you in determining the best way to allocate resources to further develop the assets, and to measure the success of complementary activities to drive traffic to the site.

Information used to create the reports is stored in a tracking database to allow for sophisticated analysis, including time series tracking (trends within assets over time) and path (sequence of pages visited). It will also allow additional cross-tabs and drill-downs as needed on an ad-hoc basis. It will also allow this architecture to be used to support other data sources, such as shopping cart information.

The raw data used to support the analysis is contained in various server log files. The Data Collection Module will query the servers providing content of Tracked Assets, and merge the data into the Report Database for analysis. The data collection can occur on a frequency that is convenient to your business.

The Report Engine then parses the database and tabulates the data in order to populate the online reports. Some examples of types of analysis include:

  • Hits within asset (total and unique visitors)
  • Page views within asset (total and unique visitors)
  • Visitors (total and unique)
  • Average Amount of Time Viewing Asset (within a Visit)
  • Average Number of Pages Viewed (within a Visit)
  • Number of orders (total and unique customers)
  • Average size of each order (in dollar and product count)
  • Number of products purchased (total and unique customers)
  • Percentage of Continuing Education users who make a purchase

Additional analysis can be added as needed.

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