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As you look to drive revenue, one vital component of your site is to provide ability for your customers to order your products or services. We can provide a shopping cart, including the ability to organize and present products based on geography, and to forward those orders to a country-specific fulfillment house.

In addition, we can also provide the ability to issue and accept promotional codes for free products or discounts on the shopping cart, to provide push-email notifications (promotions, new content, etc.), and to track shopping cart activity (sales and number of transactions) by geography.

Our Shopping Cart Solution begins with Core Shopping Cart Engine and features can be added as you need them. Some features include:

  • Ability to maintain individual pricing for each country (in local currency), and country specific tax and delivery options and pricing
  • Ability to modify country specific product graphics and descriptions which allows rapid changes to country specific product line (adding, changing products) without individual editing of product pages
  • Ability to handle country specific fulfillment data
  • Ability to collect orders from central data site, format to meet the preferred delivery method and format of the local fulfillment house, and deliver via preferred method.
  • Engine to allow validation of user information. Includes real-time and batch methods of cross checking customer information against known sources and issuing alerts where human intervention is needed.
  • Order status tracking by user. Includes developing support to allow users to check on the status of their orders. Also includes developing a method to allow fulfillment houses to update order information.
  • Ability to accept promotion codes. Includes method and interface to allow local product managers to assign promotion codes, either to offer free or discounted products, or general discounts.
  • Price suppression by user type. Allows setting of parameters so that pricing information is not available to defined user types.
  • Account management routines. Includes developing an administrative interface to allow resending of lost passwords, checking and adjusting account status information (authorized to purchase, etc.). Includes order history module.
  • Sales Volume tracking by Country. Includes preparing a series of administrative reports that are updated automatically.

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