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Orion™ Module Library Home

The following is a list of the primary modules that are available with the Orion Platform.

FM indicates a Formulation Module
RM indicates a Raw Material Module


Core application module
Foundation for base functionality and for added modules

Orion FM Builder
 Primary interface by formulators and others Used to create, modify, and exchange formula composition Designed for benchtop formulation and can be expanded for pilot or manufacturing

Orion RM Administrator
Used by groups who maintain and track a library of incoming raw materials Also, used to attach and track supplemental information (e.g. MSDS or Certificate of Analysis)

Orion FM Quality
Used to enter results from formula testing Simplifies the process of selecting, analysis, and tracking formula results When used with FM Analyst, simplifies submission of formulas for testing

Orion FM Stability
Used to track shelf-life of products Simplifies the process of preparing, fielding, tracking, and reporting stability information Allows user to quickly build a stability protocol using previous tests or a standardized library Provides sample labels and pull instructions

Orion FM Pilot
Used to scale up lab formulas to a pilot environment Provides additional screens and fields to make it easy to track key production variables Batch disposition, packaging and yield accounting functions When tied into RM inventory system, users can check and order needed raw materials Seamless integration with Visio makes it easy to design and store processing schematics

Orion FM Management
Used to review and approve formulas and related information Creates an approval path based on user input and required review team is notified Gives you the ability to track the approval process

Orion FM Analyst
Used to add analytical information to the formula's profile User submits formulas electronically to analytical dept., specifying testing to be conducted, analyst is notified. Testing results are then added to the formula profile and submitter is notified Formulator submits sample for testing, analyst is notified, then results are entered into the formula profile with notification to the formulator

Orion FM Cost Accounting
Maintains a cost library of materials used to provide quick estimates on formula costs at development Supports different levels of cost estimation- experimental costs, estimated cost and proposed cost Supports request for cost to allow bids from suppliers

Orion FM Portal
Collection of tools integrated into the Orion Enterprise Allows you to search and retrieve formulas and raw material information on-line Enables user to post requests for suppliers (e.g. samples, MSDS, Analysis)

Orion FM Knowledge Base
Used to store information on key resources available to user Resources can be organized by type, specialty, technology and application

Orion FM Documentum Interface
Allows Orion users to store formula information in a Documentum centralized docbase Includes Submit and Retrieve features as well as setting formula attributes and searching Does not include customization of Documentum or other Documentum costs

Orion FM Oracle Interface
Allows Orion users to store formula information in a Oracle centralized database Includes Submit and Retrieve features as well as setting formula fields and searching Does not include customization of Oracle DB or other Oracle costs

Orion FM Access Interface
Allows Orion users to store formula information in an Access-based centralized database Includes Submit and Retrieve features Does not include customization of Access DB or other Access costs

Orion FM Workgroup Library
Common repository that can be used by small (less than 20) formulators to share formula information

Orion Enhanced Maintenance
Allows customers to pool support needs and allocate resources accordingly. Level of support will depend on number of covered users and project size Support allocation can be used for defect resolution, help desk support, added documentation, training, upgrades

Orion System Management
Used by system administrators, and contains features not available to general users Examples include ability to globally change key formula properties, use conversion or data loading functions in batch mode, set specific user configurations.

Orion FM Reporting
Allows user to customize formula output, producing consistent formula reports for use in documentation / specifications. Default reporting on Orion Enterprise Core includes producing a batch sheet and formula report. FM Reporting extends this feature to allow creation of customized formula reports Orion FM Vendor Used to exchange formula and raw material information with vendors Users can check raw material info, request samples, obtain MSDS and certificate of analysis

Used to simplify the process of creating MSDS for finished products or raw materials An MSDS wizard leads user through the various sections

Orion FM Dossier
Used to create complex documents for individual components such as the formula description, MSDS, and processing schematic

Orion User Interface Design
Allows user to modify the standard screens or access detailed documentation about the user interface to allow design of things such as training and documentation

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