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Orion™ Formula Knowledge Portal Home

For companies that want a full featured formula, web-based development solution, including access to key formula-based information by non-formulators, and project tracking, consider using the Orion™ Formula Knowledge Portal.

Orion represents the next step in formula information management, with several new features for both end users and technology developers.

  • For end users, the ability to compare and edit multiple formulas simultaneously, and greater flexibility in how the composition information is presented.
  • For technology developers, the formula format is in XML. This makes it easier to access, display, and extend the formula information outside of the Orion Formula Builder.

Orion Formulation Knowledge Portal uses a modular approach to allow customization to your specific needs. Some of the key process areas covered include:

  • Formulation & Product Development
  • Quality
  • Analysis & Stability
  • Raw Material Inventory and Pricing
  • Reporting
  • Information exchange between areas
  • Vendor interface

Click here to view the Orion Module Library.

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