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The Formulation WorkStation is the ideal tool for maximizing the return on your formula knowledge assets. This application allows you to manage workflow, increase efficiencies and streamline processes. This is a great product for those wishing to leverage their existing applications such as Documentum, Oracle, and Domino to create an enterprise-wide solution.

The Formulation WorkStation is a tool that makes it easy to organize information about formulas and the raw materials in those formulas.  It provides rapid formula development, ability to quickly share learnings, and powerful forms support. Because Formulation Workstation was designed by formulators all with extensive background in formulation and product development, its worksheets, templates, and forms provide a clear and concise method for storing and exchanging information about formulas.  It's a useful tool to not only create and monitor formulas but also as a way to quickly and easily keep track of analytical, raw material, and other critical information that is associated with each formula.

Formulation WorkStation can also be customized using the Orion™ Module Library and can easily be interfaced with existing document management systems.  

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